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Path of Devotion: A Yoga Teacher Training February 8-22 , 2015

$3,350.00 – $14,500.00 (based on accommodation type)

This workshop's start date has passed.

Workshop Details

Please note: standard and bunk bed accommodations are available for this program for tuition of $3900 and $3350 respectively. These costs include accommodations, meals, and the training.

Whether you’re an established yoga teacher, an aspiring teacher, or a dedicated long-time student of yoga, the alchemy of a yogic path promises deep transformation.
This unique, two-week-long training begins by establishing your svadharma, your own personal path through the many forms and expressions of the yogic life. To identify your svadharma, you’ll proceed from inquiry to action through a series of carefully guided steps:
· Sankalpa: Clarify your intention so you know where you want to go on the path of yoga. Why do I practice?
· Adhikara: Closely look at your own practice so you can honestly assess your strengths and your greatest opportunities for growth. What is the state of my practice now?
· Sadhana: Manifest the path you’ve mapped for yourself through detailed instruction, practice teaching, and study. Where do I want my path of practice to lead me?
With this deeper understanding of your personal path of yoga, you can proceed to the training’s core curriculum, under the experienced guidance of Janet, tantric scholar Christopher Hareesh Wallis, and their assistants. (This training also includes required unit hours in the Esalen baths, at Dance Church, and watching the sun set over the Pacific). Other course activities and components include the following:
· Meditation: Find the foundation for stilling your mind and connecting with deep intention
· Mantra and bhakti: Open your heart and your voice in a practice of devotion, surrender, and offering
· Asana, alignment, anatomy, and assisting: Come to the physical practice as a means to awakening, liberation, and compassion
· Pranayama: Connect with breath and the subtle body to nourish your life force
· Study: Immerse yourself in the teachings of tantra and learn how to incorporate the philosophy into your life and teaching
· Mythology: Dive into the inner transformation through mythic consciousness and learn how to guide your students with storytelling 
· Ethics: Get real with the yamas and niyamas, which are simple tools for a wholesome and integrated life
· Livelihood: Approach the business of yoga as a part of your practice life
This immersion is designed for teachers, aspiring teachers, and long-term practitioners of yoga. Those who complete the training will be eligible for 100 hours of Yoga Alliance Credit. All hours are applicable to the Janet Stone Yoga 200- and 500-hour training programs.


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