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Campus Renewal

The Seeds of Gazebo

In the early years, Esalen, an edge-pushing experiment in human potential, helped fund the Ford-Esalen Project in Education. This project studied trends in education and explored a more humanistic, whole-bodied approach to learning than what was happening in our society (where it seemed all the living was being taken out of learning). In 1977, Janet Lederman, part of the research team and later Director of Esalen, created her vision of a school to serve Esalen staff families, who were living and growing together in community.

Today, Gazebo School Park serves staff families, children from the Big Sur community, and visiting seminarians. Gazebo has metamorphosed through the years, yet has always retained its original spirit of innovation and authentic connection. It remains a nature-based program where children are given the freedom to play, to explore, and to learn how to be in relationship to each other and the environment.

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