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Vijay Bhat

Vijay Bhat

Vijay Bhat
is a transitions coach and founder of Roots & Wings Consulting. A strategy and leadership consultant, he coaches individuals and organizations that are challenged by the turbulence that inevitably accompanies major transitions. He worked for 21 years with Ogilvy & Mather, serving global corporations like Unilever and IBM.

Conscious Leadership: Accessing Presence to become Whole, Congruent and Flexible

Mar 13 - 15 Begins in 1 month
with Raj Sisodia, Vijay Bhat & Nilima Bhat

The world’s many crises call for a new breed of leaders. Arising from its military origins, leadership-as-usual mostly takes an outside-in, competency-based approach. This experiential program awakens leaders to their innate qualities through an inside-out, consciousness-based approach. Conscious leaders display striking, yet intangible traits. They are whole, i.e. in touch with all aspects of themselves; congruent, i.e. aligned to their highest purpose; and flexible, i.e. adaptive to their context.



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