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Terry Hunt

Terry Hunt

Terry Hunt
is a licensed psychologist, bioenergetic therapist, and long-time Esalen instructor. Specializing in body-centered psychotherapy, he works with individual, couples, and people struggling with trauma and addictive behaviors. He also consults nationally with families in intergenerational transitions.

The Pleasure Principle Today: Staying Connected in an Ever More Virtual World

Sep 14 - 19 Begins in 3 weeks
with Terry Hunt

Over a century ago, Sigmund Freud postulated that the primary motivation of the individual was the pursuit of pleasure: sucking, reaching, gazing, and eventual curiosity about the world. Seeking pleasure can certainly enrich our lives, but also can lead to trouble. Compulsive habits, including addictions, become a way of coping in our increasingly complex, information overloaded lives.



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