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Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson,
is a psychotherapist who has spent 30 years of research, scholarship, and clinical experience working with victims of abandonment trauma and loss. Founder of "Abandonment Recovery," she is author of Taming Your Outer Child, Journey from Abandonment to Healing, Black Swan, and others.

Abandonment to Healing: Overcoming Your Self-Defeating Patterns

Apr 26 - May 01 Begins in 1 month
with Susan Anderson

Abandonment is a primal human fear and the underlying cause of emotional distress and dysfunction. Susan Anderson, psychotherapist and author of Taming Your Outer Child and Journey from Abandonment to Healing, will share powerful tools of emotional and spiritual healing to help you reverse abandonment’s universal wound. You will be taught exercises for each of the five stages of abandonment: shattering, withdrawal, internalizing, rage, and lifting; how to conquer “abandoholism” and other outer child behaviors; how to make new connections; and steps for healing abandonment.



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