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Siegmar Gerken

Siegmar Gerken

Siegmar Gerken, PhD,
has pioneered body-oriented and heart-centered therapy and humanistic psychology since 1971. He is the founder of Core Evolution® and the Energy & Consciousness Programs™. He teaches at SBGI, conducts mindfulness-based trainings, and has a private practice in Mendocino and the Bay Area, Calif.

Love, Sexuality, Relationship and the Will of Your Heart

May 22 - 27, 2016 Begins in 2 weeks
with Siegmar Gerken & Cornelia Gerken

Love is resonance with the flow of life. It connects us with all existence. We are able to direct this energy and make this love personal in the expression "I love you." When we commit to a relationship, we expand this love onto the personal and social level with the expression "I want to experience life with you." Why is it then so difficult to keep a relationship alive?



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