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Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman
is an inspired storyteller, devoted yogini, community activator, and innovator of Mythic Yoga Flow, which weaves mythic consciousness into the embodied art of yoga. Her lineage stems from a multitude of yogic disciplines and her years of dedicated study to Tantra.

Special Program Alchemy of Transformation: A Yoga Teacher Training

Feb 08 - 22 Begins in 5 months
with Janet Stone & Sianna Sherman

Whether you’re an established yoga teacher, an aspiring teacher, or a dedicated long-time student of yoga, the alchemy of a yogic path promises deep transformation.
This unique, two-week-long training begins by establishing your svadharma, your own personal path through the many forms and expressions of the yogic life. To identify your svadharma, you’ll proceed from inquiry to action through a series of carefully guided steps:
· Sankalpa: Clarify your intention so you know where you want to go on the path of yoga. Why do I practice?



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