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Shama Viola

Shama Viola

Shama Viola (Manuala Terraluna)
is a citizen of Damanhur who has spent the past 12 years participating in its esoteric traditions and practical approach to sacredness, rituals, and conscious living. She has created a uniquely powerful divination system using Damanhurian symbols.

Know Thy Selves: Recognizing, Discovering and Experiencing our Inner Personalities and Past Lives

Apr 16 - 21, 2017 Begins in 1 month
with Shama Viola

“In this workshop, you will have the chance to get to know many aspects of yourself and understand how each one influences your life,” writes Shama Viola of Damanhur. “Through exploring the possibility of past lives, you can learn how to help these aspects integrate, and discover how they are connected to your soul's history. Ultimately this exploration may empower you to consciously choose how best to direct your present life, and how to harmonize all the parts that make you the unique being that you are.



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