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Sarah McLean

Sarah McLean

Sarah McLean
is a contemporary mindfulness and meditation teacher and best-selling author. She’s taught thousands of people to be more present, live with more self-awareness, and meet their own minds with meditation. She directs the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Ariz., known for its international teacher certification program.

Liberate Your Writing!

May 29 - Jun 03, 2016 Begins in 3 weeks
with Sarah McLean

For many, writing is a spiritual practice that leads to a profound experience of timelessness. A single moment of inspiration can take you on an imaginative journey beyond time and space. The same is true of meditation and mindfulness practices, which can transform you physically, spiritually, and emotionally as they lift the veil of distraction so you can commune with your true nature. During this workshop, best-selling author and meditation teacher Sarah McLean leads you into provocative mindfulness practices, deep meditations, and expansive writing exercises.



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