Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton
is a teacher of applied spiritual wisdom who is known for her ability to transmit deep meditative states through the heart. A former monk and 40-year practitioner of Shaiva yoga, Sally teaches internationally and is the author of several bestselling books.

A WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering

Jan 29 - 31, 2016 Begins in 1 month
with Sally Kempton, Konda Mason & Michelle Stransky

Please carefully read the application process at the end of the description.


Evolutionary Relationships: Opening into the Great Heart

Feb 05 - 07, 2016 Begins in 2 months
with Sally Kempton & Marc Gafni

Relationship is one of the great pathways to higher consciousness. The practices of awakened relationship not only can engage the heart, but also can become doorways into higher awareness, love, and engagement. Not just for couples, these practices can be the basis for a new kind of evolutionary activism.


SAND Presents: Continuous Awakening - Nonduality in the Midst of Life

Feb 28 - Mar 04, 2016 Begins in 2 months
with Sally Kempton, Jeff Foster, Rupert Spira, Peter Russell, Dorothy Hunt, Ellen Emmet & Helen Palmer

Many of us have experienced some form of realization and are beginning to recognize ourselves as awareness. What does it take for our understanding to fully penetrate body and mind and to be lived as a permanent reality, fully embodied in the world? Is there a process of unfolding and stabilizing of our nondual understanding? What is awakening in the midst of daily life and relationships? While life expresses itself in continuous flux of perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and experience, how do we remember and know ourselves as pure awareness?



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