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Rudy Tihikpas Proctor

Rudy Tihikpas Proctor

Tigaro Tihikpas
“He who flirts with all life," is a tribal elder formally educated in Europe and fluent in several languages. Tihikpas has facilitated sweat lodges at Esalen and across Europe. His theological background includes Native American, Judaism, Christianity, Gnosticism, Buddhism, and mystic traditions.  

Summer Solstice Tribal Journey and SpiritDance Retreat

Jun 27 - 29 Begins in 2 months
with Ellen Watson & Tigaro Tihikpas

Join Tihikpas and Ellen on the longest day of the year to welcome and celebrate summertime on the sacred land of Esalen.
We will embody the sacred teachings of antiquity brought uniquely together through the framework of tribal ceremony and SpiritDance meditation. Our tribe is not one of bloodlines or lineage; we ask that people of all tribes, beliefs, and color take part in this journey of the mind, body, soul, and spirit. Let’s all dance, sweat, sing, pray, meditate, and relax together as one global tribe.



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