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Robin Fann-Costanzo

Robin Fann-Costanzo

Robin Fann-Costanzo
has a lifelong background in dance and movement. An Esalen® Massage practitioner, CranioSacral practitioner, and certified yoga instructor, she has taught and assisted Esalen® Massage trainings, yoga retreats, and Upledger Institute trainings.

Introduction to Esalen® Massage: The Art of Healing Touch

Nov 30 - Dec 05 Begins in 3 months
with Robin Fann-Costanzo & Silvia Guersenzvaig

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of Big Sur and the healing waters of the Esalen hot springs, while gaining a foundation in the art and practice of Esalen Massage. During the week, participants will be taught massage methods that address the whole body: Esalen’s signature long flowing strokes that support feelings of wholeness, connection, and integration; passive joint movement; and a variety of techniques to work with the major muscles groups of the body.


Massage for Couples

Dec 12 - 14 Begins in 3 months
with Robin Fann-Costanzo & Tom Case

This weekend is designed to help couples renew their relationship while exploring touch and learning massage. The workshop will present simple massage techniques, developed by Esalen® Massage practitioners, that are valuable to anyone who wants to help a partner, friend, or family member feel better. Massage methods that help relieve pain, increase vitality, or simply soothe the nerves will be briefly demonstrated and practiced, with plenty of hands-on instruction.



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