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Rob Wilks

Rob Wilks

Rob Wilks
is a full-time bodywork practitioner and yoga teacher at Esalen. He specializes in Deep Bodywork®. He has taught experiential leadership education in the US and Eastern Europe.

Advanced Esalen® Massage

Sep 18 - 20, 2015 Begins in 2 weeks
with Nora Matten & Rob Wilks

This weekend provides practitioners with the opportunity to inspire their current massage practice. Experienced Esalen Massage and Bodywork practitioners Nora and Rob will offer unique explorations in the practices of gentle extensions combined with deeper bodywork. Come prepared to practice and learn new methods of massage while enjoying the natural beauty and healing waters of the Esalen Institute.
Previous massage training is required.
This workshop is also useful for those in the helping and healing professions in working with their clients and patients.


The Gift of Touch: An Esalen® Massage Holiday Retreat

Nov 22 - 27, 2015 Begins in 2 months
with Deborah Anne Medow & Rob Wilks

Give thanks by celebrating the holiday season and enjoying the natural beauty of the Esalen land, while learning how to give an Esalen Massage. This seasonal workshop offers the talents of two experienced teachers and five days of touch. This week of mutual giving and receiving is for those of you who wish to learn the fundamental elements of Esalen Massage. The essence of the Esalen style of bodywork is the awareness and presence with which one approaches massage.


Work Study - Deep Bodywork®

Dec 20 - Jan 17, 2016 Begins in 3 months
with Rob Wilks

Deep Bodywork, as created by Perry Holloman over the last twenty-five years at Esalen Institute, is a method that integrates the qualities of a flowing Esalen® Massage with the therapeutic effectiveness of deep tissue work. Using deep tissue methods, massage practitioners can enter the body’s deeper soft tissue layers, freeing previously dense, hardened areas, which may have become chronically painful due to a lack of fluid exchange and energy flow.



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