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Pierre Grimes

Pierre Grimes

Pierre Grimes
is founder and president of the Academy of Platonic Studies and the Noetic Society. He wrote Philosophical Midwifery: A New Paradigm for Understanding Human Problems. He has led workshops and meditation retreats for 30 years.

Knowing the Self through Understanding the Mind

Nov 22 - 27, 2015 Begins in 1 month
with Pierre Grimes

It is entirely possible to verify for oneself that we are part of a caring and intelligible universe. The verification is a kind of proof since it is a way of understanding that is based upon a realization that our mind constantly communicates with us and for our benefit. Communications from the mind are as profound as they are utterly appropriate to our circumstances, for while the scope of the mind is pervasive, its precision is always directed to what is personally and spiritually significant.



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