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Nancee Sobonya

Nancee Sobonya

Nancee Sobonya
is a grief counselor, educator, and filmmaker who produced and directed The Gifts of Grief. She was the bereavement coordinator at Pathways Hospice in Oakland, Calif., teaches at Starr King School of Ministry, and is a minister of the Ridhwan Foundation. Nancee has been a member of the Glide Ensemble choir in San Francisco since 2000.

The Gifts of Grief, Entering the Healing Ground

May 04 - 09 Begins in 2 weeks
with Nancee Sobonya & Francis Weller

This workshop explores the powerful and mysterious nature of grief. As we turn our attention to the grief we carry — for self, community, and world — we share our deep emotional selves, which brings us into the circle of restoration and into the arms of the sacred. Utilizing the potent tools from Nancee Sobonya’s film, The Gifts of Grief, and Francis Weller’s book, Entering the Healing Ground, this workshop will explore relationships to loss and its potential gifts.



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