Michael Molin-Skelton

Michael Molin-Skelton

Michael Molin-Skelton
holds many things sacred, including the love of his life anneli, the miracle they named jaylan, friends that cherish and challenge him, dancing alone, and dancing with you. Michael is a senior faculty member of the Soul Motion™ school.

Soul Motion™: The Practice

May 08 - 13, 2016 Begins in 5 months
with Michael Molin-Skelton

“Soul Motion is a movement practice during which we cultivate our capacity for listening to the deep wisdom of the body and the silent whisperings of the soul,” says Michael. “We spiral with curiosity at the crossroads of our past and our possibilities. When body meets soul, and movement meets moment, we can experience a dissolution into spirit. This is the dance of the soul-in-motion.



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