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Michael Ableman

Michael Ableman

Michael Ableman
has been farming for 40 years. His books, lectures, and workshops have inspired people throughout North America. Ableman currently farms at Foxglove Farm on Salt Spring Island, and is the founder and co-director of SOLEfood, one of North America’s premier urban agriculture social enterprises.

Legacy Group - Systems for Living: Understanding and Designing for a Sustainable Life

Nov 23 - Dec 21 Begins in 1 month
with Michael Ableman

Words like sustainability, permaculture, and ecological design are now part of the public lexicon, but what do they really mean? We turn on the tap and water comes out, the switch and there is light, go to the store and the shelves are full of food. Rarely are we afforded an in-depth look at how these basic life functions actually work, and how to participate in these essential aspects of our lives in a more conscious way.


Feeding the Future: Growing for Family, Neighborhood or Market

Dec 12 - 14 Begins in 1 month
with Michael Ableman & Josh Volk

Whether you have a large yard, a balcony, or a few acres of land, growing at least some of your own food increases the pleasure of the table, provides a greater sense of self-reliance, and can become an important local economic enterprise.



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