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A Time to Reflect: Space available 9/26-28

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Melody Fairchild

Melody Fairchild

Melody Fairchild
was the first high-school girl in US history to run 2 miles in under 10 minutes. At 38, in 2012, she won a gold medal for the US at the World Mountain Running Championships. As a CFR practitioner, she works with athletes and others to heal injuries, upgrade performance, and reduce risk of further injury in Boulder, Co.

Your Life Cannot Be Any Easier Than Your Movement: Intro. to Cortical Field Reeducation®

Oct 17 - 19 Begins in 4 weeks
with Ellen Kindl & Melody Fairchild

How we sit, stand, move, or respond to contact with others reflects patterns wired into our nervous systems in infancy. By early childhood, conflicting intentions distort these patterns. Feeling powerless, we attempt to survive and to win love by figuring out "big people's rules." The resulting strategies may protect us as children, but, deeply ingrained in our muscular postures and movements, they imprison us as adults and limit our choices. They remain outside of awareness, causing discomfort and limitation.



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