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Mehrad Nazari

Mehrad Nazari

Mehrad Nazari
is the author of Enlightened Negotiation: The 8 Spiritual Laws of Negotiation. Professor of business negotiation at US International University in San Diego, Calif., and co-founder of Raja Yoga Institute, his work empowers participants in applying the ancient spiritual wisdom in professional and personal life.

Lean Inward: Yoga and Personal Leadership

May 10 - 15, 2015 Begins in 3 weeks
with Michele Hébert & Mehrad Nazari

Extraordinary leaders master their inner environment to achieve greatness in and for the world around them. This workshop combines ancient yogic wisdom with contemporary science to help you achieve personal and professional excellence. Traditional leadership training focuses on how to lead others. In personal leadership, as in yoga, you learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions, and use the practice of meditation to dive deeply within.
This workshop explores the philosophy of yoga as a blueprint for leadership. It includes the following components:



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