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Matthew Engelhart

Matthew Engelhart

Matthew Engelhart
is co-owner of Café Gratitude. He has coauthored 3 books with Terces Engelhart, and when they are not on the road speaking or teaching, he and Terces live on “Be Love” Organic Farm where they grow food for their 7 restaurants.

Sacred Commerce: Business as a Path of Awakening

Jan 16 - 18 Begins in 3 weeks
with Matthew Engelhart & Terces Engelhart

Are you engaged in relationships with staff, co-workers, or business partners? Have you experienced frustration in these relationships? What if awakening consciousness was the context at your workplace? What if conflicts in your work community were acknowledged as opportunities to heal collective wounds? What if the mission of your business was to usher in a sustainable, spiritually fulfilling society? Sacred commerce is practicing presence in a commercial environment.


Leadership as a Path to Awakening

Jan 18 - 23 Begins in 4 weeks
with Terces Engelhart & Matthew Engelhart

“Leaders are stewards of the collective consciousness who steer the community toward what is sacred,” write Terces and Matthew Engelhart. “Leaders hold the seat of love even when the stormy weather of doubt, fear, or scarcity rolls through any entity. While the collective shadow clings to appearances, the leader-shaman uses his or her tools to distinguish and reveal the illusion disguising itself as real. Somewhere in the community, someone has taken too much ‘separation medicine’ and the leader is the doctor on call.



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