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Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Mary Elizabeth Murphy
is an expert at creating innovative grassroots campaigns for independent films that target niche markets.  She has worked on the Academy Award®-winning film The Cove, and other indie hits such as Pina, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Buck, and The Way.  

Esalen Inspirational Film Festival: Films that Empower and Enrich the Human Spirit

Mar 26 - 31, 2017 Begins in 2 months
with Corinne Bourdeau & Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Cinema can enlighten, inspire, and uplift the human spirit. Examples of these transformative films include What the Bleep Do We Know?, The Celestine Prophecy, What Dreams May Come, Field of Dreams, and The Cove. Films like these can truly make a difference in how people live and express their creativity.



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