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Mariabruna Sirabella

Mariabruna Sirabella

Mariabruna Sirabella, LMFT, MS,
is a mentor, artist, and holistic clinician who facilitates programs and rituals internationally as a trainer in SoulCollage® and BodYnvocations™ (Imagination in Motion based on the Orixas). She blends indigenous wisdom and Jungian humanistic psychology to open mind and heart, and free personality and soul.

SoulCollage® and the Archetypes: Meet the Ones that Guide You

Nov 29 - Dec 04, 2015 Begins in 2 months
with Mariabruna Sirabella

Enter an artful, slow-paced, and soul-spacious time to free your imagination and construct collages that represent the main archetypes that guide and inspire your life (even though you may not know it yet!). These archetypes are hidden in your unconscious, but they are ready to manifest in your consciousness. Identify the faces of the Witch, the Warrior, The Creator, The Fool, and many more. Discover how they are uniquely yours. Let your intuition and your passion free their voices so that your Inner Council may share its gifts with you.



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