Lee Holden

Lee Holden

Lee Holden
is a senior teacher for Mantak Chia, the Taoist master, and has edited several best-selling books on Taoist sexuality. He is a leading qi gong instructor whose DVD series has been featured on PBS and is the author of 7 Minutes of Magic: Recharge Your Body Each Day with Qi Gong.

Taoist Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Energy and Ecstasy

Jan 15 - 17, 2016 Begins in 1 month
with Lee Holden

Within us is a wellspring of vitality known as qi waiting to amplify every aspect of our lives. Taoist practices embrace all aspects of the self — physical, energetic, sexual, emotional, and spiritual. Alchemy is the integration of these layers of ourselves, and through this process bliss and ecstatic experience blossom from within.



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