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Kelly Boys

Kelly Boys

Kelly Boys
is a certified iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher and is the former director of operations for the Integrative Restoration Institute. She has taught iRest to veterans with PTSD, the incarcerated, cancer survivors, and those with substance abuse addictions. She works for the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute.

In Touch with Your Inner Knowing: Opening Your Heart and Whole Body to Intimacy

May 01 - 06, 2016 Begins in 1 day
with John Prendergast & Kelly Boys

What does it mean to be intimately in touch with yourself and others? How may the subtle cues of your heart and whole body guide you to navigate the mysteries of love and life? In this retreat, we will explore how to tune in to our deeper self through the felt-sense of the body. Our bodies have a natural sense of the truth — we can feel authenticity in ourselves and others. However, our conditioning, including limiting beliefs, reactive feelings, and other contractions, veil our deeper truth and obstruct our natural self-trust and sense of intimacy.



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