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Kathlyn Hendricks

Kathlyn Hendricks

Kathlyn (Katie) Hendricks, PhD, BC-DMT,
is an evolutionary catalyst and contextual disruptor who creates transformational collaboration around the world. A pioneer in the field of body intelligence and conscious loving, she has co-authored 12 books with Gay Hendricks, including her newest, Conscious Loving Ever After: How to Create Thriving Relationships at Midlife and Beyond.

Growing Bliss Bodies: Sparking Full Aliveness With Body Intelligence, Presence and Play

Mar 19 - 24, 2017 Begins in 2 weeks
with Kathlyn Hendricks & Lamara Heartwell

Are you willing to experience the pleasure of being fully alive in your body? Are you ready to make the shift from adrenaline- and fear-based living to embodied presence and flow? If so, this seminar invites exploration and practice of the key skills that favor innate joy, befriend your inner life, and nurture your unique aliveness.



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