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Juergen Bamberger

Juergen Bamberger

Juergen Bamberger
is a Gyrotonic® master trainer who has been educating and certifying instructors worldwide for more than 25 years. Originally a professional dancer with a degree in dance education, Juergen has studied many modalities of movement arts, bodywork, and human anatomy.


May 26 - 28, 2017 Begins in 3 months
with Juergen Bamberger

Experience the joy of moving your spine with ease! Take this journey through your entire body to open your awareness to your energetic and physical structures! Gyrokinesis is a movement method based on circular and spiraling body motion. It uses the natural movement capabilities of the spine to increase the circulation of vital energies. Gentle undulations, spirals, and waves stimulate and activate all systems and tissues within the body. Through rhythm and synchronized breathing, an internal massage effect is created.



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