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Judith Hemming

Judith Hemming

Judith Hemming
practices and teaches Constellations worldwide. She has developed and taught applications of the systemic approach in family, educational, and organizational contexts. She is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and the director of Moving Constellations in the United Kingdom.

Constellations for Family and Personal Issues: Liberating Your Potential

Sep 21 - 26 Begins in 4 weeks
with Judith Hemming

Constellations are a simple yet profound method to shed light on any areas of unhappiness and distress in our lives. These areas often occur as a result of unresolved and sometimes hidden relational issues. The source of the difficulty may lie beyond our awareness, often in the human systems to which we belong, such as a current relationship, family of origin, friendships, community groups, or our professional life. When we witness and honor these dynamics, we are able to free ourselves from suffering and energy-sapping entanglements.



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