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Juanita Lew

Juanita Lew

Juanita Lew,
Taoist Master Share K. Lew’s wife, partner and co-teacher of 34 years, teaches traditional Taoist healing arts such as chi kung and meditation. Juanita Lew's decades of teaching carries on Master Lew's 1300-year-old monastic style of chi kung. She has taught across the US and Esalen since 1991.

Taoist Chi Kung: Enhancing Health "The Shen"

Sep 21 - 26 Begins in 4 hours
with Juanita Lew

Soft and gentle as a leaf unfolding, and healing you in its wake; this is the essence of Taoist Chi Kung. This retreat is based on the teaching of Taoist Master Share K. Lew, a monastery-trained Taoist priest. Juanita Lew will introduce you to traditional Taoist concepts of health, longevity, and harmony with nature. The core of the workshop will be instruction in the Shen, a set of twelve chi kung exercises (six standing, six sitting) whose primary purpose is self-healing.



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