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Joseph Price

Joseph Price

Joseph Price
has been a psychotherapist, teacher, spiritual follower, and author since 1974. He lives on beautiful Discovery Bay, and practices at Quail Hollow Psychotherapy in Sequim, Wash.

The God Instinct

Apr 20 - 25 Begins this weekend
with Joseph Price & Tom Stella

How do we find our spiritual center? Who is the God we seek? Where do we look when we search for the Divine? Questions about God, spirituality, humanity, and authentic living are not separate questions about separate realities, but one single question about aspects of the same mystery. Hidden richness can be found in our day-to-day lives, where we meet our business, educational, and personal responsibilities; nurture relationships; make ends meet; and deal with the unpredictable and inevitable circumstances that affect our health, happiness, and well-being.



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