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Jon Schreiber

Jon Schreiber

Jon Schreiber, DC,
is the director of the Breema Center and the Breema Clinic. He has been teaching Breema worldwide since 1980, and is the author of numerous books and articles on the philosophy, principles, and practice of Breema.

Breema: Building a Foundation for Self-Transformation

Aug 01 - 03 Begins in 6 days
with Jon Schreiber

Many people are interested in self-improvement, but some of us wish for a more essential self-transformation. Self-transformation means moving from the dimensions of past and future to the present, and from the present to the moment to the unity of all that exists. Breema offers a practical method of raising our level of consciousness by unifying body, mind, and feelings. When we are united in ourselves, we have the possibility to connect with others and with all life.



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