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Jaquelin Levin

Jaquelin Levin

Jaquelin Levin
teaches VitalDanza in Los Angeles, Esalen, and internationally. She trained in psychology, performing arts, and was also initiated into the medicine way. She considers herself an Inspiratrix - one who moves the mover.

The Vital Phoenix - Dance of the Five Primordial Fires of Transformation

May 16 - 18 Begins in 3 weeks
with Jaquelin Levin

What would happen if we danced directly into the fires of life with unbridled grace? What if we dance ourselves completely open until pure knowing? What if we dance so deep into the fires that it is impossible for our spirit not to penetrate our flesh? Our life is a constant flux of the fires of Birth, Death, and Rebirth. Just as the Phoenix bird rose from its own ashes, we too can emerge from the depths of our fires alchemically forged and renewed.



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