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Jane Baraz

Jane Baraz

Jane Baraz
has been practicing meditation since 1976 and leads Awakening Joy workshops internationally. She served on the board of directors at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and helped start the Spirit Rock Family Program. Jane is a life coach who helps women live with more purpose, balance, and fulfillment.

Loving Ourselves, Loving Others

May 09 - 11 Begins in 2 weeks
with James Baraz & Jane Baraz

When we develop a basic kindness towards ourselves, we not only learn to accept the difficult parts, but in the process embrace our humanity and see more clearly the beauty that's inside of us. We become less preoccupied with being “good enough,” and as we do that, we allow our goodness and true nature to shine through. As we learn to access our own beautiful qualities, we can also more easily recognize them in others. This becomes a gift to every encounter, a healing energy that awakens the goodness in life around us.



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