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Harvey Deutch

Harvey Deutch

Harvey Deutch
has been both a physical therapist and yogi for the past 30 years. His life path has blended the intricate knowledge of movement with the practice of yoga. He is the owner and one of many physical therapists at Red Hawk Physical Therapy in San Francisco, Calif.

Recapturing Your Posture: Release Biomechanical Stress and Maximize Your Energy 

Oct 03 - 05 Begins in 5 months
with Harvey Deutch

Sometimes it is sudden, but more often it is a slow realization that our posture and energy have started to slump and drag. We assume positions and engage in tasks that our bodies are not meant to do nor were ever taught how to perform correctly. Without mindfulness and grace in our movement and without awareness of our energy systems, our bodies begin to break down faster and earlier than expected. Is your body heading down this path? Has your once pristine temple turned into a fixer-upper? Good news! You can change this course and re-fortify your foundation starting now.



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