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George Protos

George Protos

George Protos
has studied the “pointing-out” style of meditation with Daniel Brown since 1995. He leads weeklong retreats and an ongoing meditation study group in Marin County, Calif., and created an online user support group for meditators.

The "Pointing Out" Way of Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Apr 25 - May 02 Begins in 1 week
with Daniel Brown & George Protos

This workshop–designed for either novice or advanced meditators–is an integrative approach to the practice of meditation with an emphasis on intensive concentration meditation. The course begins with the Indo-Tibetan Nine States of Mental Calming/Staying, then an introduction to classic Tibetan emptiness meditation. A balance of mental stabilization and emptiness practices will serve as a foundation for the “extraordinary” or essence meditation practices.



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