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Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin 
is a seven-time Emmy® award-winning composer/producer, performer, public speaker, and consultant whose work inspires the mind, awakens the heart, and catalyzes healing. He co-created Graceful Passages to help people face life transitions with greater mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion.

Choosing Happiness: Five Steps to Take You to Where You Want to Be

Aug 22 - 24 Begins this weekend
with Marilyn Tam & Gary Malkin

In the last forty years, people in the world’s developed nations have become increasingly unhappy*. The personal and professional costs of “success” have been enormous. Yet you can actually choose to be happy. Whether you are an individual or an entire company, an important step is to come into clarity about your defined mission — your very reason for being. By clarifying your purpose, you can passionately harness your energies and resources to best fulfill your life’s vision, to live happier, healthier, and longer.



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