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Ernest Rossi

Ernest Rossi

Ernest Rossi
has received lifetime achievement awards from the Erickson Foundation, 1980; American Association of Psychotherapy, 2003; American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 2008. He has published 38 books and 180 papers on therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy, dreams, art, beauty, truth, and creativity.

Creating Consciousness in Psychotherapy with Art, Beauty, Truth and Yoga

May 16 - 18 Begins in 3 weeks
with Ernest Rossi & Kathryn Rossi

Most people are surprised to learn how art, beauty, and truth can turn on gene expression and brain growth during creative experiences. It is profound to realize that our highest and most inspired states of consciousness can facilitate optimal gene expression and brain plasticity while stress and trauma can distort and suppress it. Mind-gene communication engages the transformational alchemy of mind, body, and spirit, which generates health and wellbeing as well as personal illness and the clash of cultures.



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