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Eliza Reynolds

Eliza Reynolds

Eliza Reynolds,
now 23 years old, has co-led workshops with her mother, Sil Reynolds, since she was 15. A graduate of Brown University, she coauthored Mothering & Daughtering and is a certified teen mediator and SOS-trained counselor with Planned Parenthood.

Mothering and Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong

Aug 15 - 17 Begins in 3 weeks
with Sil Reynolds & Eliza Reynolds

Join a vibrant community of mothers and their 10–14-year-old daughters, where you can slow down, nourish your relationship, and have some fun! In a soulful environment, mothers and daughters learn how to cultivate authentic expression and deeper trust for a healthier, more loving bond. Guided by Sil Reynolds and her 23-year-old daughter Eliza Reynolds, you will be shown how to reinforce your already strong relationship, or how to reconnect if it has been hard to find common ground lately.


The Whole Woman: Your Body as the Path to Your Soul

Aug 17 - 22 Begins in 3 weeks
with Sil Reynolds, Eliza Reynolds & Francie White

Women of any age who want a more conscious and joyful relationship to their bodies and who want to burst through the constraints of our culture’s blueprint for women — “right” diet, “right” career, “right” body, “right” workout, “right” spiritual path — will find their tribe in this five-day retreat.



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