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Diane Waye

Diane Waye

Diane Waye,
director of San Francisco’s Active Isolated Stretching clinic, is the leading West Coast AIS instructor. Her private practice includes Olympic athletes, 49ers, and others seeking performance and mobility optimization. Diane has specialized in AIS since 1997 and works closely with AIS founder Aaron Mattes.

Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method for Professional Education

Apr 27 - May 02 Begins this weekend
with Diane Waye

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) honors the way bodies actually work to restore or create optimal range-of-motion. Feel your muscles, tendons, and fascia becoming elasticized with each two-second stretch! Fifty percent of the muscles in the human body are difficult to palpate. Over the past forty-five years, world-renowned kinesiotherapist Aaron Mattes has created a system to access every motor muscle with this assisted stretching technique. Every micro-movement potential, joint crossing, and angle of muscle fiber has been analyzed to produce protocols of 220 specific stretches.



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