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Deborah Anne Medow

Deborah Anne Medow

Deborah Anne Medow,
longtime Esalen workshop leader, yoga instructor, and bodywork practitioner, teaches yoga, massage, creative movement, awareness practices, and related healing disciplines throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. She is also a certified nutrition educator, Zumba® dance instructor, and manager of the Esalen Healing Arts Department.

Couples’ Massage Retreat

Sep 21 - 26 Begins in 5 months
with Deborah Anne Medow & Rob Wilks

Deepen the relationship and commitment you have with your lover by learning or rediscovering the magic of Esalen® Massage. This week is designed for couples to explore the gift of touch on the secluded Big Sur coast. You will share the opportunity to embark on a journey, learning to give each other a healing, revitalizing, and nurturing massage with great awareness and sensitivity. This gift you give and receive has the capacity to expand your ability to love and feel deeply, giving greater depth to who you are, both as individuals and a couple.


The Gift of Touch: An Esalen® Massage Holiday Retreat

Dec 19 - 21 Begins in 8 months
with Deborah Anne Medow & Jessica Fagan

Celebrate the holiday season by enjoying the natural beauty of the Esalen land while learning how to give an Esalen Massage. This seasonal workshop offers the talents of two experienced teachers and a weekend of touch. This is a weekend of mutual giving and receiving for those of you who wish to learn the fundamental elements of Esalen Massage. The essence of the Esalen style of bodywork is the awareness and presence with which one approaches massage.



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