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David Richo

David Richo

David Richo, PhD, MFT,
is psychotherapist, author, and workshop leader. He shares his time between Santa Barbara and San Francisco, Calif. Dave has taught at Esalen annually since 1994. He combines psychological and spiritual perspectives in his work, especially from Jung and Buddhism.

The Egoless Path to Self-Esteem and Generous Love

Jun 17 - 19, 2016 Begins in 2 weeks
with David Richo

“Our ego is healthy when it helps us fulfill our life goals,” David Richo writes. “When an ego becomes too big for its britches, it becomes egotism, the main obstacle to healthy relating. We may find egotistical behavior objectionable and unjustified. Our style in this workshop, however, is not to demean egotists. We get it that the swagger is based on self-doubt, fear, and shame. So we can still feel compassion for what led to ego-armoring in the first place. We work gently with this scared part of ourselves and others. We do not abandon our own ego; we rehabilitate it.



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