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Cornelia Gerken

Cornelia Gerken

Cornelia Gerken, CMP, ECP,
integrates a spectrum of somatic and psycho-spiritual approaches in her work of CoreSoma. Cornelia and husband Siegmar are pioneers in humanistic, somatic, and transpersonal psychology.

Legacy Group - Live with the Will of Your Heart™: The Mindfulness of Relating

Sep 24 - Oct 22, 2017 Begins in 4 months
with Siegmar Gerken & Cornelia Gerken

Whether you choose to be single or in a relationship, you need strong skills for relating and communicating with others. Along the way in your personal development, you formed inner working models that influence your emotions, body reactions, thinking, behavior, and beliefs. We call them Personality Reactions Patterns™. They fulfilled an important need in your early development, but often are not adequate any more for who you are today.



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