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Christian Pedersen

Christian Pedersen

Christian Pedersen
is a relationship specialist and certified life coach, and has led relationship trainings for hundreds of singles and couples. He has a private coaching practice for men and has studied with The Option Institute, The Relationship Skills Center, and Abraham-Hicks.

Mastering the Delicious Dance of Love

May 11 - 16 Begins in 3 weeks
with Sonika Tinker & Christian Pedersen

“In today's world of massive electronic distractions and busy life schedules, couples drift apart at alarming rates,” writes Sonika Tinker. “Men report feeling like they can't win no matter what they do while women feel frustrated and alone in relationships devoid of connection. Do you want to experience a fresh approach that supports and encourages your best self in relationship? Do you want to see your partner with love-struck eyes again?  Do you want to keep love and passion from dying in the first place? If so, this workshop is for you. And guess what?



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