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Bob Doppelt

Bob Doppelt

Bob Doppelt
is a counseling psychologist and ecologist grounded in socially engaged Buddhism. He integrates these fields into his work as a climate and sustainability consultant, educator, researcher, and writer. His most recent book is From Me to We.

From Despair to Resilience: Transforming Our Relationship to this Troubled World

Mar 18 - 20, 2016 Begins in 1 month
with James Baraz & Bob Doppelt

Life today is filled with anxiety and stress—from ever-increasing pressure to produce more with less, rising tensions over equity and social injustice, and moral and spiritual distress over environmental problems such as climate change. More than ever before, everyone can benefit from insights and tools that help them move from despair to resilience, hope, and transformation. This workshop will teach participants essential skills designed to build their psychological, emotional, and spiritual resilience.



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