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Annellen Simpkins

Annellen Simpkins

Annellen Simpkins, PhD,
is a psychologist in private practice who, with her husband C. Alexander Simpkins, specializes in research and practice of hypnosis, neuroscience, and meditation. Together they teach widely and have written 28 books, including Neuroscience for Clinicians, Tao of Bipolar, and Neuro-Hypnosis.

Transformation through Neuroscience: Enhance Your Brain to Reach Your Potential 

Apr 22 - 24, 2016 Begins in 2 months
with Annellen Simpkins & C. Alexander Simpkins

Neuroscience is the new frontier. As more is understood about how the mind is intimately involved with the brain, we now know that you can literally rewire your brain for the better by what you think, feel, and do. You resonate with others through your mirror neurons, and can enhance your relationships by activating these special areas of the brain. Balancing your nervous system lowers stress and allows you to handle your emotions better.



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