Ann Bradney

Ann Bradney

Ann Bradney
is director of the Radical Aliveness/Core Energetics Institute of Southern California. She studied under Core Energetics founder John Pierrakos and teaches internationally. Ann’s Radical Aliveness model expands Core beyond the individual, to address community healing and world issues.

Radical Aliveness: A Core Energetics Workshop

Feb 14 - 19, 2016 Begins in 2 months
with Ann Bradney

Ann Bradney writes, "There is a state in which you are fully alive, authentic, and spontaneous. You are open to all of your feelings, connected to your strength and your truth. You are not afraid to know anything about yourself. I call this radical aliveness. In this state you embrace your creativity and see life in all its possibilities.
"Standing in the way of radical aliveness are chronic patterns formed in your past to survive. These live as frozen feelings and history in your body and no longer serve you.



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