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Andy Abrahams Wilson

Andy Abrahams Wilson

Andy Abrahams Wilson
is an award-winning, Oscar®-shortlisted filmmaker and photographer. President of Open Eye Pictures, Andy emphasizes using the camera as a way to bridge – and heal – disparate parts and people, and to connect to nature, ourselves, and each other.

Photography as Meditation and Mirror

Jun 08 - 13 Begins in 1 month
with Andy Abrahams Wilson

In the age of Instagram and the unprecedented taking and sharing of photos, how can we bring a deeper consciousness to this process to enrich our art and our lives? In a time of hyper connectivity, how can photography truly help us engage — both to the world around us and within us? At every step, photography is a balancing of relationships (light and shadow, time and space, self and other), the merging of which creates a still moment, a meditation. At once a receptor and projector of light, the camera becomes a meditative tool for dissolving and distilling these relationships.



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