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Adam Baraz

Adam Baraz

Adam Baraz
is a Spirit Rock meditation teacher, and founder of Samadhi Bodywork. Adam has studied meditation under renowned spiritual teachers, and has spent many months in retreat. Adam is passionate about helping others discover the clarity, warmth, and power concealed in the depths of the human body.

The Fire of Awareness: Tibetan Yoga and Meditation Retreat

May 19 - 21, 2017 Begins in 3 months
with Adam Baraz & Lama Norbu

Tibetan yoga, known in Vajrayana Buddhism as Tsa-lung, is a collection of yogic breathwork techniques and physical exercises that are highly effective for awakening the subtle energy body, healing physical and emotional pain, and experiencing the state of non-dual awareness. For centuries in Tibet the technology of Tsa-lung was kept secret from the general public, often only taught in the context of traditional three-year retreat.



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