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Adam Baraz

Adam Baraz

Adam Baraz
has chosen the path of the healer. He is a body worker trained at Esalen and numerous other certification programs. He is training as a life coach, counselor, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner. A dedicated practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, he is a student in Reggie Ray's training program.

Father and Sons: Creating a Fulfilling Conscious Relationship

Oct 24 - 26 Begins this weekend
with James Baraz & Adam Baraz

The bond between a father and son is a precious relationship. When it is healthy, conscious, and has spiritual depth, it can be the most significant relationship in a young man’s life. In this workshop, we invite young men and their fathers to explore the optimal vision that they hold for the relationship between them. Through experiential exercises, meditation, council, and deep dialogue, each father and son will look at obstacles to deepening their connection as well as practices that will be supportive for deepening that bond.



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