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Esalen is a pioneer on the leading edge of consciousness, where spiritual possibility, intellectual rigor, somatic practice, and sustainable living converge toward an integrated realization of the human potential.

Amy Ippoliti teaching yoga at Esalen

Since its inception in 1962, Esalen has been a magnet for workshop leaders whose integrity and skill embody the highest standards of practice. Each year we offer approximately 550 workshops. Our leaders have paved the way for broad cultural acceptance of meditation, yoga, body-based psychotherapy, life-long experiential learning, and the pursuit of personal and social transformation. Our group leaders come from all over the world to teach, inspire, and pass on their individual work. They are creators and weavers of magic.

Are you an experienced and innovative teacher? Does your work align with Esalen’s mission? Browse our catalog to see if your work is kindred with ours. If so, we’d love to meet you.

Prospective Leader Proposal and Scheduling Process

Your Proposal 

Your workshop proposal is the primary way to introduce yourself and to pursue the possibility of teaching at Esalen. We consider proposals year-round. Due to the number of applicants and our two catalog periods (Jan-June and July-Dec), if selected, it could take a year or more for your workshop to be approved for scheduling. 

Please read the following list of required materials, and also please read our frequently asked questions for workshop leaders.

Required Materials

We accept proposals via email only. Please save your proposal as either a Word document or a PDF, or send it in the body of an email. Please include the following information.

1. Teacher's full name, address, phone number, email, and website.

2. Full CV or résumé.

3. The full title of the workshop you are proposing. Titles must be 70 characters or less, not including spaces. Please also indicate whether the workshop is designed as a weekend or a 5-day program, or suitable for either.

4. Your workshop description. This is the description that will appear in the Esalen catalog if your program is scheduled. Please note our length guidelines for workshop descriptions are 175 words or less for a weekend workshop; 200 words or less for a 5-day workshop; 225 words or less for a 7-day workshop.

Make your workshop description sparkle! Please include an overview of what people can expect to experience during the workshop, including class structure and explanations of any specialized terms or practices. 

5. A biography of 40 words or less (not including your name and website) for each proposed teacher of your workshop.

6. Brief curriculum outline (topics covered, experiential activities) and behavioral outcomes (as a result of your workshop, participants will be able to…).

7. Projected enrollment and reason for this expectation. We have a minimum of 8 participants for our workshops and a maximum of 150.

8. Any supporting documentation such as books/DVDs, articles about your work, or anything else that will help us learn about you and your workshop.

Sending in  Your Materials

Please email your proposals to programs@esalen.org and mail any hard-copy supporting materials (books, etc.) to: Esalen Institute, attn: Programs Department, 55000 Highway One, Big Sur CA 93923.

9. List of any special audio/visual, equipment, space requirements, or other needs.

10. Let us know if you have taught at Esalen before. Do you have references, especially from faculty or staff at Esalen? Include name, relationship, and contact information.

11. Marketing capability. Please discuss the marketing efforts you will implement for your program to ensure enrollment.

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