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Supporting Gazebo School Park

Children at Gazebo School Park explore our stimulating and nourishing outdoor classroom on the coast in Big Sur. We offer progressive education in health, safety, relational communication, and all kinds of other valuable life skills that will keep giving over time. We invite infants and children to investigate and learn what the world is all about at his or her unique style and pace. Our children master independence and the value of collaboration.

Through our program, the children become connected with nature, themselves, and one another.

We are so grateful for the Esalen community members who donate 1% of their Esalen pay to the Gazebo School Park and to the members of the local Big Sur community who also donate their time and money to support our mission.

Give Online to Esalen Gazebo School Park

We need your help to continue giving our gift. Your support is tax-deductible through Esalen Institute and by donating using this online link, 100% of your contribution will go toward supporting the Gazebo School Park.

We also welcome donations of gift certificates or other items of value, which we use as prizes for fundraising raffles. Thank you for your support!

Help Support Esalen's Gazebo School Park


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