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Scholarships & Financial Aid

A vital part of Esalen's mission is to help those seeking to acquire the skills and knowledge to transform their lives and the world at large. Esalen is committed to making this possible through need-based scholarships.

Our scholarship funds are limited, so awards will be made to those who will take what they have learned back to their homes, workplaces and communities.

No more than one scholarship per person per year will be awarded.

Although personal growth is an essential step towards social transformation, almost all of our workshop scholarships are reserved for individuals who will use the information they gain to impact social change.

Priority is given to workshops focused on:

  • Sustainability
  • Community building
  • Social justice
  • Conscious business

Download the workshop scholarship application  (PDF format)

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Workshop scholarship inquiries may be directed to

In addition to workshop scholarships, we offer scholarships for our Massage and Bodywork program, Farm & Garden, Workstudy Program, and Gazebo Park School. Each of these scholarship types are separately administered by their respective departments.

Scholarships and Financial Aid


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